MySwissArmyKnife Charities and Schools Initiatives!

Want us to Support your School or Charity Fundraiser?

At My Swiss Army Knife we believe in helping out groups, schools and companies involved in making positive impact within their various communities and spheres of influence. After launching our site we realised that we were constantly being approached by various organisations to help support their initiatives. We decided to try getting involved and since then we've enjoyed every bit of it. So in response, My Swiss Army Knife has decided to create an open channel for people like yourself, who are seeking our support, to talk to us.

We've been involved with various activities from auctions, through to fundraisers and even prizes for competitions. Whatever the activity the feedback has been fantastic and My Swiss Army Knife loves to see what we can do to help! Victorinox swiss army knives are amongst the most recognisable brands in the world and we are thrilled that our team can help give your initiative a big boost!

So what do you do now?

If you're keen to get us involved, then the first thing to do is contact us. Send in a ticket to our team and we can get back to you on whether we can help! Looking forward to hearing from you! Onwards to positive change!