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Victorinox Black Belt Pouch For 2-4 Layers Knives up to 90mm

  • For 2-4 Layers Pocket Tools
  • Fits Tools/Knives up to 90mm in length
  • High quality Black leather
  • Velcro Flap Closure
  • Victorinox Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • SKU: VIC-4.0520.3
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    Victorinox Black Belt Pouch For 2-4 Layers Knives up to 90mm

    You can make sure that you will never lose your favorite lock blade with this sturdy Victorinox Sheath. It is made from high quality black leather and can be secured with a practical Velcro Flap Closure. There’s also a slit on the rear side that allows you to slip it on to your belt. Always keep your knife within arm’s reach!

    This Victorinox Belt Pouch For 2-4 Layers Knives 4.0520.3 will fit any tools with 2-4 layers up to 90mm in length. Layers are the number of tools your knife has on one side.


    Additional Info

    Colour Black
    Length 98mm
    Width 37mm
    Height 36mm
    Specifications No


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    Great accessory - Review by
    Overall Score
    This sheath is a great accessory for your victorinox to keep it clean and protected and the black leather looks great on the belt. Grab one with your nexpt purchase.
    (Posted on )

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    Victorinox Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Victorinox guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (2 years for electronic components). Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.


    Will this fit a Victorinox Tinker? Am also looking for a sheath for a Victorinox Delux Tinker. Thanks
    Yes, the Victorinox Black Leather Sheath 2-4 Layers will be able to contain a regular Victorinox Tinker. However, if you are after one for the Victorinox Deluxe Tinker, then you should be looking at the Victorinox Black Leather Sheath for Lockblades and Tools 4-6 Layers, linked here: http://www.ozhut.com.au/black-leather-sheath-for-lockblades-and-tools-4-6-layers.html
    Could you tell me if the SKU# Vic 4.0520.3 is the correct pouch for the huntsman knife?
    Yes, the sheath SKU# Vic 4.0520.3 (http://www.myswissarmyknife.com.au/black-leather-sheath-2-4-layers.html) is the correct sheath for the huntsman knife. This brown sheath (http://www.myswissarmyknife.com.au/victorinox-brown-leather-sheath-2-4-layer.html) will also be suitable, in case you were interested.
    Will this pouch fit the 'Victorinox Spartan'?
    Yes, the black leather sheath 2-4 layers (http://www.myswissarmyknife.com.au/black-leather-sheath-2-4-layers.html) will certainly fit the Spartan knife :)
    Can the pouch be worn on the belt and used vertically?
    Yes definitely! The pouch can be worn on the belt and used vertically.
    Will this pouch cover the "Victorinox Herules"?
    The Black Leather Sheath would not fit, as the Victorinox Hercules is a lockblade that is longer in size. The following pouches are the ones that are suited for the Victorinox Hercules: http://www.myswissarmyknife.com.au/black-leather-sheath-lockblades-and-tools-with-rotating-metal-belt-clip-4-6-layers.html http://www.myswissarmyknife.com.au/black-nylon-sheath-for-lockblades-and-tools-4-6-layers.html http://www.myswissarmyknife.com.au/black-leather-sheath-for-lockblades-and-tools-4-6-layers.html

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